Welcome to Many Media Musings, a chronicle of random thoughts on the worlds of literature, theatre, film, and television.  I’m Natalie, and I’ve got a passion for a good story.  I’ve started this blog for me to discuss different media in one forum.  There are many, many blogs that are specific to one medium, like literature or television, and some that are even more specific, like those on classic film.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I enjoy reading these niche blogs.

But what I’m striving for is something different.  I enjoy so many works told through so many media that I thought, well, it’s worth talking about them together.  I can read Beowulf and watch Everybody Loves Raymond and enjoy and analyze them equally.  I can talk about Macbeth and North by Northwest in the same sentence.  And I can tell you anything about Harry Potter and how fantastic it is to be involved in an active fan community.

This blog will chronicle my musings as I read and watch new works, as well as analyze ones I already know.  It will mostly focus on literature, theatre, film, and television because those are the works I enjoy most, but I might occasionally discuss music, visual art, and online media.  I will also be talking about my personal relationships with some works as well as the experiences that go along with them.  And finally, as a budding writer, I will also discuss the creative process and how I glean inspiration from my favorite works.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.


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