Thoughts on the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards


Rather than give a blow-by-blow account of last night’s Emmy’s telecast, I thought I would just point of some high points and surprises at the awards.

Biggest Surprises: The two wins for Friday Night Lights.  Having followed television blogs this whole past year, I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing of Mad Men’s episode “The Suitcase.”  To see it lose the writing award to FNL – and then to see John Hamm lose the lead acting award to FNL’s Kyle Chandler – was certainly a shock.  From what I can tell (I haven’t watched either show, though they’re both on my list of shows to watch in the near future), FNL is the little show that could.  It’s nice to see an underdog take some top prizes.

Coolest Moment: All the best actress in a comedy nominees getting on stage together.  It was fantastic to see all these ladies on stage together and then see them all have a big group hug when surprise winner Melissa McCarthy’s name was called.  Capped off by McCarthy’s heartfelt acceptance speech, this was a true highlight of the night.

Favorite Predictable Award: Julianna Margulies’s win for The Good Wife.  I love TGW, and I think that Margulies’s performance is a central part of it.  Her Alicia Florrick is one of my all-time favorite characters, and her performance in her submitted episode – “In Sickness” – is superb.  It was heavily predicted that Margulies would win this year, and I for one was thrilled to hear her name called.

Favorite Unpredictable Sweep: Downton Abbey’s awards.  I am a massive fan of DA, and for it to get four out of five of its awards last night (not to mention two at last week’s Creative Arts Emmys) was phenomenal.  It is superbly written, directed, and acted.  And, thankfully, it won for writing and directing and for Dame Maggie Smith’s scene-stealing performance.  If only Smith could have been there to accept her award, it would have completed the night.

Biggest Snub: Steve Carell for The Office.  I don’t watch The Office, and in the few clips I’ve seen of it, I haven’t really enjoyed it.  But I do enjoy The Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons’s performance in it.  So why am I listing Carell as the biggest snub of the night?  Parsons won last year as well, and this was Carell’s swan song as Michael Scott.  It was certainly expected that he would win, but alas, he’ll remain Emmy-less for what appears to have been his signature role.

Biggest Gaping Hole: The absence of Fringe.  Sure, Anna Torv got to present an award, but where was Fringe in the drama clip medley?  Are the Emmys really saying that The Vampire Diaries is more worthy of having a short clip in the show than Fringe?  And more importantly, I’m still scratching my head over the lack of nomination for John Noble, who has delivered heartfelt performances for three years and played two versions of his character this year.  And, for that matter, where was the nomination for Torv, who played about five versions of her character this year?


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