Blog Plans for 2012


I started this blog three and a half months ago, and it has been a pleasure to work on. I am very excited to begin my first full year of blogging, and in this coming year 2012, I hope to make this blog even better. Here are some ideas I have:

  1. Looking at the Categories sidebar, I have noticed that a disproportionate number of my posts have been about film and television. I hope to make this blog more balanced by writing about literature, theater, writing, and fandom more frequently.
  2. I have also started a Twitter, which you can view on the sidebar or here.
  3. I will also be rolling out two new series of posts starting in January, which will be entitled “From Book to Film” and “Discovery.”

As far as the content of the posts is concerned, here is a sampling of some works I plan to read, watch, and, of course, blog about this coming year:


  1. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy: I’ve wanted to read this for a while, and I’ve finally started. I will likely post thoughts about my progress.
  2. Works of Hemingway: I (finally) discovered the genius of Ernest Hemingway this year, but I still have not read For Whom the Bells Tolls and The Sun Also Rises.
  3. The Hunger Games: I’ve read the first and am trying to get my hands on the others. I’d like to examine these books and the hype they’ve created.


  1. Shakespeare: I want to read at least two more Shakespeare plays this year, perhaps King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing.
  2. Live Productions: I want to go see and review three live theater productions this year.


  1. Flynn-de Havilland Films: I’ve seen four of the eight (or five of nine if you count Thank Your Lucky Stars), and I want to see the other four.
  2. Films of Charlie Chaplin: I fell in love with Modern Times but I have yet to see The Gold Rush, City Lights, The Great Dictator, and others.

Finally, I would like to thank my subscribers, and anyone who has read, liked, or commented on any of my posts. You have made my first few months of blogging totally worth it.


3 thoughts on “Blog Plans for 2012

  1. Regarding Hunger Games, the first book was a blast and an easy read. I don’t want to spoil the second book for you but to tell you the truth, we both might be better off just focusing on the first one. After reading “Catching Fire”, I lost all will to go buy the third book because well… let’s just say you should read “Hunger Games” and move on to something better like re-reading Hobbit for upcoming movie 😉

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear that! I’m still interested to read the rest of the series just to try to understand the hype, but I’m in no special hurry. And, yes, I will be rereading The Hobbit in anticipation of the movie.

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