I’m Joining the Classics Club!


If there’s one thing in which I know my blog is severely lacking, it’s discussion of literature. I don’t consume books at the rate I consume movies and television, so it’s difficult for me to discuss books at the same frequency as the others.  In order to rectify this problem, I’ve decided to join the Classics Club.

Jillian, who blogs at A Room of One’s Own, started the Classics Club to encourage people to make a long-term commitment to reading classic literature.  The idea is to select as least 50 works of classic literature (whether they be novels, plays, short stories, works of nonfiction, etc.) and set a date of up to five years to finish reading them.  After finishing each work, members should write about it on their blog.

I’ve created a separate page on my site with my list, so feel free to head over there to see what I’ll be working on.

I’m very much looking forward to discussing all these works!


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