Blog Plans for 2013


Looking back at my Blog Plans for 2012, it seems that I only accomplished about half of what I had planned.  I read Anna Karenina and The Hunger Games, but my discovery of the Brontës made me forget about Hemingway.  I didn’t get to Shakespeare this year, but I did go see a few theater productions (two Broadway plays, two student productions, and a local theater production).  I finished the Errol Flynn-Olivia de Havilland films and watched more Chaplin but didn’t get to write about them.

Next year, I hope to finish those things from 2012 I didn’t get to.  I have a copy of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and will read it next year.  I will read at least one Shakespeare play next year.  I will write about the Flynn-de Havilland films, and Chaplin will be the subject of February’s Discovery post.

In addition to those, here is a sampling of some other things I plan to do and write about:

Finish the novels of the Brontës.  I’ve started Charlotte’s Villette; after that will be Anne’s the Tenant of Wildfell Hall and then Charlotte’s Shirley and The Professor.

Read more Ibsen plays.  I have a book of four Henrik Ibsen plays, and I’ve only read A Doll’s House.  I hope to read the rest in 2013.

See at least five live theater productions.  I’ll be in New York the whole year, so hopefully, this won’t be too difficult.  I have plans to see Picnic at the very least on Broadway, and I hope to see Evita before it closes.  I missed some off-Broadway shows this past fall, and I hope that doesn’t happen again.

Read and see The Razor’s Edge.  I’m very interested in discovering the works of W. Somerset Maugham, and the film of The Razor’s Edge stars Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney – so why not start there?

Finish Battlestar Galactica.  I’m partway through the second season of the revived series, and I love it.  I’m hoping to finish the series by year’s end.

In addition to the Discovery, From Book to Film, and Classics Club posts and the musings, lists, and reviews, I will begin a new reading project in late January that will include both classic and contemporary titles.

Once again, I’d like to thank those of you who have stopped by my blog this year.  I appreciate the feedback and love the interaction.  My aim for next year will still be one post a week at least – hopefully more if I can.

Also, I’ll be taking a brief blogging hiatus the first couple weeks of January, as I will be abroad.  It’s a bit difficult to maintain the blog while abroad, so I thought it best to give myself a break.

Until mid-January!


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