Looking Backwards and Looking Forwards


You may have noticed that it’s been a little quiet here lately.

If I told you it’s because I’ve been finishing my masters thesis, that would be true, but it isn’t the full story.

This coming week, I will receive my master’s degree. This is a turning point, and I feel as though I must make changes here as well.

At the risk of getting a little bit philosophical here, I’ve been thinking a lot about “the future.” Although I have loved the last two and a half years of running Many Media Musings, as I advance in my academic and professional career, I feel as though my writing needs another home.

So, yes, this is my last post on Many Media Musings. But I have set up a new website, which you can find at nataliejonckheere.com. You can read my first post there on the language issues of Disney’s Frozen multilanguage “Let It Go” video.

I may not post content all the time over there, and I also expect that the content will be a bit more focused on my academic interests, mostly classic film and contemporary television, with particular bends towards historical, cultural, and linguistic studies. As such, I likely won’t be writing too much about theater or literature, which also means that I will (sadly) not be an active participant of the Classics Club anymore. I do, however, have every intention of completing 50 books from my list by March 2017.

I’m also suspending my other projects, but, as of this moment, I have no plans of taking down Many Media Musings, should anyone feel like reading an old post in the future. My Twitter account remains the same, but I have changed the handle to @nejonckheere.

I want to thank all my subscribers, commenters, and other readers. Thank you for letting me know that I had something to write worth reading, and I do hope that some of you may follow me to my new site.


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