Spoiler Policy

Although I am most certainly a spoilerphobe, I understand that it is difficult to discuss narrative works without giving some elements of the plot away.  Thus, before every post, I will state for which works spoilers are discussed, using the two categories below:

  1. Minor Spoilers: These discussions may discuss elements of the plot, but the details spoiled won’t be too significant.  Only avoid posts like this if you’re a diehard spoilerphobe.
  2. Major Spoilers: These discussions will give away significant plot developments that may include the ending of a work.  I will try my best not to include too many posts marked as such, but sometimes, it is impossible to discuss what a work really is without discussing its ending.  Avoid these posts if you don’t want the ending of a work spoiled for you.

I hope these spoiler policies are clear, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this page.


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